Volkswagen Minivans: The Ideal Choice for AirportMove’s Chauffeur Service

When seeking reliable and spacious transportation to and from the airport, choosing the right vehicle is key. Volkswagen minivans stand out as a superb option, offering exceptional space, comfort, and practicality for individuals and groups alike. Companies like AirportMove, which specializes in premium airport chauffeur services, recognize the inherent advantages of these vehicles.

Why Volkswagen Minivans Excel

  • Exceptional Passenger Space: Volkswagen’s minivans boast expansive cabins that easily accommodate up to seven passengers with ample legroom. This ensures a relaxing journey for everyone, even on longer airport transfers.
  • Generous Luggage Capacity: Traveling often involves significant luggage. Volkswagen minivans address this with their cavernous cargo areas. Clients can rest assured that suitcases, sports equipment, or business essentials will fit comfortably without sacrificing passenger space.
  • Comfort-Focused Features: Minivans from Volkswagen prioritize comfort. Plush seating, adjustable climate control, and often features like onboard entertainment systems contribute to a stress-free travel experience – crucial when heading to or from a flight.
  • Smooth Ride: A comfortable suspension setup ensures a smooth ride even on less-than-perfect roads, reducing travel fatigue and making those pre-flight and post-flight transfers more pleasant.

AirportMove: Elevating Airport Travel with a Volkswagen minivan

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AirportMove understands the importance of a seamless airport experience, which is why their fleet includes high-quality Volkswagen minivans. These vehicles align perfectly with their commitment to providing:

  • Reliable and Punctual Service: Volkswagen’s reputation for reliability, paired with AirportMove’s professional chauffeurs, guarantees timely arrivals and departures, eliminating the stress of missing a flight.
  • A Focus on Client Comfort: AirportMove’s choice of Volkswagen minivans demonstrates their understanding that a comfortable ride contributes significantly to overall client satisfaction.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Whether traveling solo, as a family, or with a business group, AirportMove can accommodate any need with its versatile fleet of Volkswagen minivans.

Choose AirportMove

If you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable, and stress-free airport chauffeur experience, AirportMove is an excellent choice. Their well-maintained fleet of Volkswagen minivans, paired with professional and courteous drivers, promises a seamless journey from your doorstep to your terminal and back.

Booking Process

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To book your hassle-free airport transfer with AirportMove, you can either call our dedicated line or use our intuitive website booking system. We’ll gather essential details like your pickup/drop-off locations, dates, times, and the number of passengers. Based on your needs, we’ll recommend the perfect vehicle, often our spacious and comfortable Volkswagen minivans. You’ll receive a clear price quote and have the option for online payment or payment on the day. Upon confirmation, we’ll send you all your booking details and ensure a smooth ride to or from the airport.


By choosing Volkswagen minivans as the backbone of its fleet, AirportMove demonstrates its dedication to passenger comfort, reliability, and overall travel satisfaction. For those seeking a premium airport chauffeur service with spacious and reliable vehicles, AirportMove is a clear choice.


  • Q: How many passengers can a Volkswagen minivan comfortably accommodate?

  • A: Most Volkswagen minivan models offer comfortable seating for up to seven passengers.

  • Q: Is there enough space for luggage in the Volkswagen minivans used by AirportMove?

  • A: Yes, Volkswagen minivans have a generous cargo capacity, ensuring there’s ample room for luggage even when the vehicle is fully occupied.

  • Q: Does AirportMove offer car seats for children?

  • A: Yes, AirportMove can provide car seats for children upon request. Please specify this when making your reservation.

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