Terms & Conditions

This contract will take place between Airport Move Limited and the client

AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED, trading as AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED, is registered in England under Company Number 14491058. The registered office address is 450 Bath Road, Longford, London UB7 0EB.

AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions anytime for quality testing and development. Any changes will be promptly posted on the AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED website’s homepage, with users notified within 14 days of the updated Terms and Conditions. Continued use of our website implies acceptance and adherence to these terms and conditions unless explicitly objected to. The continued use of AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED services also constitutes acceptance by the user.

Please be advised that playing loud music in our vehicles is strictly prohibited. This policy is in place for passenger safety and to prevent distractions for our chauffeurs while driving.

Alcohol consumption is not permitted in any of our vehicles without prior permission. The customer is liable for any damages arising from spills on seats or other vehicle surfaces.

Under no circumstances are any illegal drugs allowed. Our chauffeurs have the right to refuse service to any passenger under the influence of drugs. No refunds will be issued in such cases, and the customer will be solely responsible for the total fare.

All our chauffeur services are pre-booked, and it’s important to note that the vehicle may have other bookings immediately following your trip. If additional time is required beyond

the initially booked hours, it is at the chauffeur’s discretion. We recommend scheduling any additional hours in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Contract of Service and Changes to Offers

All terms and conditions outlined herein apply to services arranged and provided by AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED.

  • After booking and commencement of the service, additional charges may apply, such as extra hours, additional stops, extra mileage, waiting time, parking fees, and address changes, all in accordance with our latest pricing structure.
  • All hourly bookings must conclude in the same city as the trip’s starting point. If the drop-off location is in a different city, an additional charge may apply.
  • Users can select from various vehicle classes, including Executive Cars, People Carriers, and Luxury Class vehicles, as showcased on our Vehicles page. The images on our Vehicles page are for illustrative purposes to demonstrate the vehicle classes we offer.
  • Subject to vehicle availability, users may request an upgrade to a higher-class vehicle. While the upgrade itself is free, charges will apply based on the upgraded category. Please feel free to contact AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED at any time to discuss such matters.

Booking Times

For all vehicle bookings, we require a minimum notice period of 4 hours.

Booking Areas

  • For bookings within London, a minimum notice period of 4 hours is required.
  • For bookings outside London but within the UK, a minimum notice period of 6 hours is required.
  • For worldwide bookings, a minimum notice period of 48 hours is required.


When booking for children, please request child seats in the comments section and specify the children’s ages and the type of seat required.

Conveyance of Animals

Customers wishing to bring animals on board must obtain prior permission from AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED and our partners. Guide dogs will always be accommodated. However, AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED reserve the right to refuse transportation of animals (excluding guide dogs) if prior arrangements were not made.

Policy on Passengers and Luggage

The luggage and seating capacities of our vehicles are clearly specified in our vehicle illustrations. When making a booking on the AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED website, any extra luggage will incur additional charges based on space availability. AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED reserves the right to refuse any luggage not agreed upon or unable to fit in the vehicle’s trunk without compromising safety.

Likewise, the vehicle’s seating capacity is clearly indicated, and passengers not included in the original booking may be refused if space becomes limited and safety is compromised.


AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED cannot be held responsible for delays arising from extreme weather conditions, unforeseen traffic, GPS navigation errors, or any other circumstances beyond our control. We do not accept liability or offer compensation for financial losses resulting from such delays, including missed meetings, hotel bookings, flights, or connecting flights.

Penalties Caused Due to Customers

Any penalties, such as parking tickets, resulting from customer actions or failure to obtain prior approvals, will be charged to the customer, including special parking fees imposed by building management, etc.

Third-Party Website Bookings

AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED does not accept responsibility for bookings made through third-party ground transportation service provider websites. We only accept direct bookings through the AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED website.

Change of Vehicle

In the event that a vehicle is unavailable due to sudden mechanical failure or other reasons, we will provide a substitute vehicle of a similar class.

Passenger No-Show Policy: A “no-show” occurs when the passenger cannot be contacted through call, SMS, or email.

“No-show” refers to the cancellation of the customer’s service for the booked period when the customer fails to appear at the pickup location. This policy may be waived if the customer and AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED agree to a later pickup time.

  • For airport pickups, the no-show period is 90 minutes.
  • For non-airport pickups, the no-show period is 30 minutes.

The chauffeur will be released with a full charge of the booking cost in the event of a passenger no-show.

No-Show Cancellations in Case of:

A no-show is considered if the customer fails to show up during the entire booked period at the agreed pickup time and location. The full charge for the booking must be paid in such

situations. The chauffeur will wait for 1 hour, regardless of the number of hours booked, and then consider it a no-show.

Airport and train station pickups are considered no-shows when the customer has not

arrived for the booked hours after the agreed pickup time and location. The full charge for the booked service must be paid, with no extra waiting time costs applied where possible.

Transfer Services

A no-show is only considered if the customer is absent without cancellation 30 minutes past the booked pickup time. In such cases, the full charge for the booked service must be paid, with no additional waiting time costs applied where possible.

Airport and train station pickups are considered no-shows when the customer has not cancelled at least 60 minutes prior to the pickup time. In these cases, the full charge for the booked service must be paid, with no extra waiting time costs applied where possible.


AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED may cancel bookings due to unforeseen emergencies, driver unavailability, vehicle unavailability, or extreme weather conditions, and a full refund will be provided.

Customer cancellations:

Executive Car, People Carrier (MPV), and First Class bookings can be cancelled without charge up to 24 hours before the pickup time. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking will incur a 100% charge.

Cancellations can be made by phone, email, or through the AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED website.

Changes to Booking

Changes to the destination can be made during the ride and will be subject to review and additional mileage charges by AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED.

Behaviour in the Vehicle

All passengers are required to adhere to standard rules and laws while traveling with AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED Fleet:

Passenger safety is paramount.

  • Doors must remain closed while the vehicle is in motion. Throwing objects from the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Protruding body parts from the vehicle is not allowed.
  • Shouting from the vehicle is prohibited. Smoking is not permitted within the vehicle.
  • Devices provided by AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED may be used by passengers after brief instructions from the chauffeur. If the actual distance or hours travelled are less than originally booked, the price remains unaffected.

Any form of physical or verbal abuse, threats, harassment, or inappropriate behaviour toward AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED staff or fellow passengers will not be tolerated. Passengers under the influence of alcohol or drugs whose behaviour poses a threat to the driver, the vehicle, or other passengers may be refused travel.

Lost Property(This contract will take place between Airport Move Limited and client)

  • Responsibility for Lost Property: Airport Move Limited assumes full responsibility for any lost property during the transportation services provided by our drivers. In the event of a lost item, customers are encouraged to promptly contact Airport Move Limited through our designated channels for assistance.
  • Airport Move Limited keeps a record of all lost property and will endeavour to return this to the customer.
  • All enquiries regarding lost property should be made by calling the office on +44 (0) 1582824631 or [email protected].


Airport Move Limited is committed to addressing and resolving customer complaints in a timely and efficient manner. All complaints related to your transportation services.

  • Should you have a compliant about any part of our service you should contact us on +44 (0) 1582824631 or email enquiries [email protected].

Payments and Premiums:

Waiting Times for Transfer Services

For transfer services, the first 60 minutes of waiting time are free for airport pickups after the agreed pickup time. Non-airport pickups include 15 minutes of free waiting time. After this free waiting time, additional waiting time costs will be charged at a flat rate, calculated based on the hourly booking price for the pickup location area, including the vehicle category rate (including VAT).

Additional Distance for Hourly Bookings

AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED and its partners have a fixed mileage rate for hourly bookings. Any additional mileage beyond the hourly rate will incur extra charges, calculated based on the hourly booking price for the pickup location area, including the vehicle category rate (including VAT).

Terms of Payment and Transaction Fees

Customers can make payments using major credit cards. Payment will be processed immediately upon booking completion, with any additional charges incurred during the journey debited 24-48 hours after the trip concludes.


Invoices are sent to customers as soon as their journey ends (provided no additional charges are incurred). Included with the invoice is a review form that can be sent back to us via email or through our social media pages. In cases where customers add extras, invoices and review forms will be sent within 24-48 hours after the journey ends.

Payments by Credit Card

Customers are responsible for any charges associated with currency conversion or local account variations. AIRPORT MOVE LIMITED reserves the right to request credit cards and ID verification if any suspicious activity is suspected.

Extra Charges

Airport Pick-Up Policy:

  • The initial 60 minutes of waiting time are free.
  • Non-airport pick-ups include 15 minutes of free waiting time.
  • Extra charges may apply for deviations from the original route or additional stops during the journey.
  • Extending an hourly booking is subject to the driver’s approval, with any additional charges based on the original booking details and our terms and conditions.

Damages to Cars by Customers

In cases where a customer soils or damages the vehicle’s interior or exterior, a valeting or repair charge will apply, charged to the credit or debit card provided at the time of booking. Failure to pay for the damage will result in legal action.